Download Sky Surfing MOD Apk {{version}} Unlock
Download Sky Surfing MOD Apk {{version}} Unlock

Download Sky Surfing MOD Apk 1.2.6 Unlock

By thanhtung - 23/09/2022
Name Sky Surfing
Version 1.2.6
MOD Features Unlock
Size 86MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Games
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Price FREE
Publisher Macaca Games Inc.
Update 23/09/2022 (1 day ago )
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Sky Surfing MOD is a game about air sports. You will fly with your cute plane in the sky. Glide through many obstacles and fly safely to the finish line. If you love challenges, check out the following game content.

General introduction of Sky Surfing MOD

Extreme sports role-playing game
Extreme sports role-playing game

Sky Surfing MOD is produced by Macaca Games. This is a game about the sport of flying in the air. Not surprisingly, the game has received a lot of appreciation from gamers. Shows that the popular game is still well received by everyone.

You will be the pilot controlling the plane gliding in the sky. You will be given a small plane and then master the game. Take the plane to avoid obstacles and glide on the game scoring section. If you do not complete the task, you will have to do it all over again.

Before that the plane can speed up and make you stalk. Don’t worry because the first stages are not difficult for you to practice. After getting used to your hands, you will pass the following stages more easily.

You will participate in many 3 modes in the game and challenge your friends to compete. Besides, you will be collecting new and beautiful aircraft.

Instructions on how to play Sky Surfing MOD

You will have to press the positional button so that the aircraft is always at a balanced distance. If it is too low, it will hit different obstacles. When flying too high, it will be tossed by a whirlwind and swept into the air by the atmosphere.

Overcome many interesting levels
Overcome many interesting levels

It is recommended to align up and down in a rhythmic combination. Obstacles will constantly appear, making it difficult for players. Don’t worry when you always have to play again and again. This is normal before becoming more agile and familiar.

However gamers are still not inhibited by the acceptable difficulty. It occurs moderately without stress. Different pitfalls such as attacking creatures, whirlwinds, etc. are difficult in the early stages. After practice you will only treat it as normal easily pass quickly.

In addition, after completing a certain level, players will receive gold coins. Depending on the number of points achieved, it is equivalent to that amount of gold.

The outstanding advantages of Sky Surfing MOD

Experience 3 different modes

In 3 modes Free time, Challenge and Conquer will have countless levels. The goal is to help players experience according to their preferences.

Free time and Conquer modes serve players to experience the game freely. Kind of like traditional and simple freedom.

As for Challenge, it is a very tough challenge mode. You will not relax at all, but have to overcome obstacles and traps. Their frequency will appear constantly and in a rush. Gradually increasing the difficulty through the levels, players need to focus on the skill and agility of the hands.

Busy unlocking multiple items

Unlock many new items
Unlock many new items

Surely when playing the game you will have to play regularly to accumulate money to buy things. It’s the planes and the pilot characters.

In addition to the classic aircraft at first, you can unlock many other types of aircraft. For example, the raccoon, the cat, the fish or the penguin. The shape is lovely. 

In addition to changing the driver character, you can freely choose from 100 characters. Buy extra decorations for them and your favorite plane.

Beautiful and lovely design images

The image of the scene in the game is very vivid and colorful. It makes players feel soaring and light. The design details of the aircraft, characters, pitfalls, etc. are all very subtle and attractive. Make players not feel confused and uncomfortable.

Instructions on how to download the game Sky Surfing MOD

  • Step 1: You have to go to the HtWares link and search for the game application name.
  • Step 2: Click Download to quickly download the application.
  • Step 3: After waiting for the device to load and install, you can go to the game to experience.

In addition, you can also immediately download good mod games here such as Zooba MOD, Angry Birds 2 MOD,…

FAQs about Sky Surfing MOD

How much space is the game?

The game has a capacity of over 130 MB depending on the game update situation.

Does the game require a download cost?

The game is supported completely free of charge on the HtWares website.

Does the game have an age requirement to join?

From 4 years old and above, you can play this game already.

Sky Surfing MOD is an interesting game to experience in your spare time. You can also connect to the internet to emulate with your friends. If you love the adventure in the sky, do not hesitate to download the game.

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