Download Grow Castle MOD Apk {{version}} Unlimited Coins
Download Grow Castle MOD Apk {{version}} Unlimited Coins

Download Grow Castle MOD Apk 1.36.14 Unlimited Coins

By thanhtung - 22/09/2022
Name Grow Castle
Version 1.36.14
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Size 41MB
Requires Android 4.1
Category Games
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Price FREE
Publisher RAON GAMES
Update 22/09/2022 (5 days ago )
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Grow Castle MOD is released by Raon Games. The game receives a lot of attention from gamers. With simple gameplay and cute, kiddish 2D graphics, the game won’t disappoint. Read the following article to learn about the game in depth.

General introduction about Grow Castle MOD

General introduction about Grow Castle MOD
General introduction about Grow Castle MOD

Grow Castle MOD is a game about goalkeepers in front of enemy attacks. You must build an army and arrange a reasonable stronghold so as not to fall. The game designs 2D graphics about vivid contexts and killing sounds. Promises you a fun and comfortable experience after stressful working hours.

The main objective in the game is that you have to defend your stronghold. Usually protecting the person behind the main central tower. You have to lay out the battle along the route of the enemy attack. Every time you go to a level, you will receive upgrade points on many skills in the game.

In addition to defending the territory, you can also expand your territory by destroying the enemy city. Be wary of the great powers that occupy your assets. To survive each enemy battle you need to upgrade your army, strongholds, etc. Optimize your strength.

Instructions on how to play in Grow Castle MOD

The goal of the monsters when escaping from the cage is to invade your country. Protecting the country and its people is important. At this point, you have to build a powerful army and a strong citadel.

You play as the lord of the defensive organization. You have to arrange troops, build watchtowers, etc. There are 2 gameplay in the game: persistently defend them and both prevent and destroy the enemy’s castle.

The match took place in front of the central stronghold
The match took place in front of the central stronghold

The task is not to let them pass through your stronghold. Destroying all those monsters is successful. You need to take precautions because there will be monster bosses appearing to destroy all.

The level will be more and more difficult as you go up. But will also give you skill upgrade points. For example, the gold gain received, the hero’s skill cooldown decreases, etc. The rewards when overcoming many stages will be more.

Outstanding features of Grow Castle MOD

Key military composition

Includes archery and heroes. Archers stood behind the city walls and archered towards the enemy. When upgrading, you will convert weapons to deal more damage. For example, from bow to gun.

Heroes will have different skills such as creating lightning, sparks, healing, etc. to support allies. When upgrading, they will improve their skills and deal local damage.

Defensive strongholds

There are several central towers and several sub-towers. These towers will be built in the direction of the enemy. Each tower has its own moves that deal damage to them. Examples include summoning allies, shooting fire, shooting beams of light, etc. The towers will have different values and the higher the damage.

Lovely and fun visuals

Types of heroes you will have in the army
Types of heroes you will have in the army

This is a plus point for the game when the graphics are 2D but have its own attraction. Everything from watchtowers, monsters, heroes, moves, etc. is interesting because of its small size. It’s not too scary or bloody. The number of monsters is also very diverse. 

The sounds of roaring and killing mixed in that scene were grandiose and serious. Focus only more on the wars that break out.

Instructions on how to download the game Grow Castle MOD

  • Step 1: You need to access the HtWares link and search for the game application. 
  • Step 2: Click the word Download to download the game to your device.
  • Step 3: After you have downloaded and installed the game, you can enter the game right away.

In addition, you can also experience games with many other good features such as Grim Soul MOD, Last Day on Earth: Survival MOD,…

FAQs in Grow Castle MOD

Which hero has the most hegemonic skills?

These are the Golem Master and The Druid. They will call on a huge dragon to join the fight to strengthen your side's defenses.

What role does the store play in the game?

This is considered a place to accumulate more gold. There are 2 ways to accumulate gold in the store. The first way is to exchange gems and the second is to sell items.

Does the game cost money to download?

In the HtWares website, the game will be supported for free.

Do games have age restrictions?

Only those who are 10 years old and older can play because the game has a violent element.

The game Grow Castle MOD will help you unleash your creativity in terms of battle layout. Besides, you will have moments of excitement about the characters as well as the vivid graphics of the game. Quickly download the game to experience and evaluate objectively.

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