Download Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter MOD APK {{version}} Unlimited Money/VIP Unlocked 
Download Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter MOD APK {{version}} Unlimited Money/VIP Unlocked 

Download Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter MOD APK 39.4 Unlimited Money/VIP Unlocked 

By thanhtung - 20/09/2022
Name Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter
Version 39.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money, VIP Unlocked 
Size 110MB
Requires Android 4.1
Category Games
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Price FREE
Publisher ONESOFT
Update 20/09/2022 (7 days ago )
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Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter MOD is somewhat similar to the game Chicken Invaders. But there will be a little more improvement to the game. Fictional setting of extraterrestrial beings to be destroyed. Continue to explore this game of the article below.

General introduction about Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter MOD

Fighting game against alien creatures
Fighting game against alien creatures

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter MOD was launched by the publisher ONESOFT. The game has more attractive storyline and graphics improvements in this competitive era. 

Players will be attracted to new spaceships. We will see the earth in 2050. In the context that the future of human beings has improvements in science and technology. As a result, it is possible to detect creatures that intend to invade the earth with malicious purposes. Your task will be to use your spaceship to shoot all their planes.

The matches will take place with different levels. You will receive a lot of bonuses and experience after completing the match. However, you will have a headache because of their number. The higher the level, the faster and more flexible these aircraft will dodge. So you will need to upgrade your spaceship.

The game is also supported on popular mobile phone platforms. Typical are Android and iOS. With little space, you can install the game quickly.

Instructions on how to play Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter MOD

This way of playing the game is described quite simply. Just touch the screen and your spaceship has already moved. If you want it to dodge, drag it left or right, up or down custom.

Close-up of battle levels
Close-up of battle levels

The amount of ammo of the spaceship is not limited you can shoot as much as you like. Enemy planes will dodge or return to destroy you. They can dodge very flexibly, so you have to be sensitive in looking in the direction of bullets.

Facing different goals, you must also have different tactics. To easily win in the following levels, you should upgrade the spaceship reasonably.

On the playing screen will display meaningful numbers. For example, the amount of HP by percentage of the aircraft, the number of points, level, energy and time.

The advantages of the game Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter MOD

Many types of spaceships and attractive upgrades

First you will get sponsored spaceships from the game. The amount you receive after each level is equivalent to the number of points. So you need to try to earn a lot of money to upgrade your spaceship.

Also if you like other spaceships in the store then accumulate and can buy them. They will be of different value and will probably be a bit expensive because of their immense strength and beautiful appearance. You can also make a deposit to buy them.

Complete the goal of the rounds

Every day there will be interesting tasks for you to complete and practice. For example, there is a meteor shower for you to practice dodging skills. This is essential when entering a round. 

There will be fleets at the beginning and end bosses. You should practice dodging to reduce the damage received. Then when you destroy the final boss, you have to put all your strength into defeating him.

Unique graphics

The context is the space, so the design graphic is also suitable for the context. The shooting locations are almost all in the galaxy. The interfaces about the store upgrade monumentally. The beam of light when the projectile hits the target and the sound of explosions also indicates that.

The spaceship models are a plus for the game. Many spacecraft have very polished and vivid drawings. The greater the value, the better the appearance.

Upgrade your spaceships
Upgrade your spaceships

Instructions on how to download the game Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter MOD

  • Step 1: You go to the HtWares link and search for the name of the game application.
  • Step 2: Click on the word Download to download the game.
  • Step 3: After downloading the application you can click on play the game.

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FAQs about Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter MOD

How many rounds does the game have?

The game has a total of 160 levels from easy to difficult for players to participate in.

Does the game have multiple modes?

The game has two modes, Singleplayer and Multiplayer for players to learn more.

Does the game cost extra to download?

You will not need to pay any fees for downloading this game.

Does the game have an age limit?

Since this is a fighting game, it is recommended that those over 7 years old can play it.


Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter MOD gives players a sense of excitement about the universe. Experience vivid images of the space with vivid sound. Download now to fight with powerful spaceships.

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